According to recent statistics from the Centers for Disease Controls (CDC) African American’s represent close to 14% of the U.S. population, but approximately 50% of new HIV diagnosis annually. In addressing health issues across the slate, statistics indicate that African Americans are disproportionately impacted. The time is now for African Americans to empower our community to take control of our health and wellness. The Black Leadership AIDS Crisis Coalition (BLACC) powered by AHF was created to build a coalition of diverse array of African American leaders, incorporating innovative approaches to elevating our “collective voice” to address the barriers that impact African Americans achieving healthier outcomes. The premise of the impact of BLACC is that history has proven that there is transformative power when we come together in commUNITY!

Black Leadership AIDS Crisis Coalition

The Black Leadership AIDS Crisis Coalition (BLACC), formerly known as the AHF Black AIDS Crisis Task Force, is an initiative of the AIDS Healthcare Foundation (AHF) developed to create a coalition of African-American cultural influencers and health advocates who will promote sexual health and revolutionize outreach to the African-American community on the HIV/AIDS epidemic.

Program Focus

BLACC members focus their outreach efforts through the following programs:

By empowering leaders in the fields of medicine, religion, sports, politics, business, academia, entertainment and civic organizations, BLACC members and supporters speak directly to our community to encourage sexual responsibility and keep HIV/STD prevention and treatment at the forefront of the national African-American agenda.

African-American families—and young people in particular—are the highest risk demographic for new HIV cases and AIDS-related deaths in the United States. BLACC is committed to increasing awareness, access to testing and care, and advocacy on behalf of African-American communities across our nation.